About Us

The History

Hallmark has been helping Canadians express themselves and build, strengthen and celebrate relationships through its diverse range of product offerings, with the focus on creativity, humour and inspiration for nearly 100 years. The true heritage of Hallmark is deeply rooted in Canada.

Originally equipped with only 125 card designs and 10 employees, the William E. Coutts Company sold greeting cards across Canada from 1916 until 1931. In the 1930's, Coutts determined that a close link with the Hall Brothers Company in the U.S. would strengthen his company and proposed to manufacture the Hall Brothers cards in Canada on a royalty basis.

The relationship between these two men and the companies bearing their names flourished over time when, eventually, in 1948, a handshake agreement with Hall Brothers President, Mr. Joyce C. Hall, established that a forty percent interest in Coutts' company would be purchased. Ten years later, in 1958, the Hall Brothers Company purchased the remainder of Coutts' company.