Gold Crown Benefits

Advertising and Promotion

Hallmark supports the Gold Crown network with exclusive advertising and marketing programs. In some cases, the support is free to our franchisees. In other cases, the franchisee shares in the cost with Hallmark.

Through these programs, Hallmark helps you recognize and reward loyal consumers, and entice new shoppers into the Gold Crown store(s) to buy.

Marketing efforts exclusively for the Hallmark Gold Crown network include:

a) Hallmark Gold Crown – Exclusive National Advertising
The Hallmark advertising campaign supports the Hallmark Gold Crown channel

b) Hallmark Gold Crown – Exclusive Promotional Events
Exclusive national events throw a spotlight on major Hallmark product launches and give consumers a special reason to visit Hallmark Gold Crown stores

c) Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Premiere
An event that supports the initial unveiling of each year’s all new line of Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments

d) Ornament Debut
An event designed to drive traffic and transactions by introducing additional Keepsake Ornament designs during the fourth quarter

e) Holiday Open House
An event that celebrates the beginning of the holidays at Hallmark, introduces new Hallmark Gold Crown fall and holiday products to new and existing consumers

f) Hallmark Gold Crown – Exclusive Promotional Offers
Many of these special offers are featured during promotional events

g) Hallmark Rewards Program
The Hallmark Rewards program is a national consumer loyalty program for the Gold Crown Network. The program is focused on greeting card growth and providing Hallmark consumers with a mechanic to return to Gold Crown stores to purchase more Hallmark cards.

h) Hallmark Canada Store Locator
The 1-800-Hallmark locator phone system, allows consumers to quickly and easily locate the Canadian Gold Crown store nearest to them

i) Gold Crown – Exclusive Local Store Marketing Support
The support includes extensive shelf promotions, promotional artwork and ideas to increase sales

j) Consumer Feedback Programs
Mystery Shopper – A “no charge” service that evaluates the consumer shopping experience using a predetermined menu of behaviors to help improve customer service and retail execution