Q and A's

Q: What is the minimum square footage for a Hallmark Gold Crown store?
A: To meet the minimum requirements, a Hallmark Gold Crown retail store, must have a footprint of no less than 1,500 square feet of retail selling space. The preferred size to best showcase a Gold Crown store ranges between 2,200 and 2,800 square feet.
Q: What is the average start-up cost of a new store?
A: A newly built Hallmark Gold Crown can have an estimated initial investment range of approximately $155,000.00 to $550,000.00.
Q: How are new franchisees selected?
A: Franchisees are selected based on financial and marketing criteria, personal interview(s) and a business plan.
Q: Do I pick the location of my new store or does Hallmark pick the location?
A: Our group of marketing and real estate experts uses technology to analyze demographics, market demand, traffic patterns, new developments, etc. They are also in contact with developers, city planners, and highway commissions across the country. Every new location must meet with Hallmark's approval before a new Hallmark Gold Crown store can be opened in any suggested location.
Q: How much money can I expect to make as a Hallmark franchisee?
A: The amount of profit a franchisee may earn in a Hallmark Gold Crown store depends on many variables such as size of store, location of store in a development, investment in advertising, in-store promotions, mix of products, debt service, skills and experience of the franchisee, merchandising, etc. If a candidate meets the initial minimum requirements required to be a Hallmark franchisee, then the candidate will be contacted and financial information can be discussed in greater detail.
Q: Does Hallmark automatically ship merchandise to the store or does the storeowner place orders?
A: All product orders are always discussed with the store owner and/or manager and are not directly shipped or billed without consent. However, to maintain status as a Hallmark Gold Crown retailer, certain product lines are recommended for each store to meet consumer expectations and some products are required to support certain national advertising programs Hallmark promotes at the national level.